Hamtramck Stadium

Historic Hamtramck Stadium is one of only five Negro League home ballparks still in existence. The grandstand and field are in Veterans Memorial Park on the south side of Hamtramck. The Stadium was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2012. In 2014, a State of Michigan Historic Marker was dedicated at the site. On January 12, 2017, Hamtramck Stadium was the recipient of a National Park Service African American Civil Rights Grant for pre-development planning.

Existing Negro League Home Ballparks

  1. Hamtramck Stadium. Sometimes called Roesink Stadium. Preservation and renovation study currently in progress, funded by 2017 National Park Service African American Civil Rights Grant.
  2. Rickwood Field in Birmingham, AL. In full-time use as minor-league ballpark till 1987. Used for annual minor-league “Rickwood Classic” game. Closed in 2017 for repairs; due to re-open in 2018. Many scenes in baseball movies filmed here.
  3. League Park in Cleveland. The field, ticket offices, and part of grandstand wall remain. Field restored and reopened in 2014, but covered with artificial turf instead of grass. Site of Cleveland Baseball Heritage Museum.
  4. Hinchliffe Stadium in Paterson, NJ. Received National Historic Landmark status in 2014. Repairs began in 2017; fundraising continues.
  5. Red Cap Field in Jacksonville, FL Known as Durkee Field till 1985; now J.P. Small Memorial Park. Last renovated in 2006. Listed on National Register in 2013 under Joseph H. Durkee Athletic Field.

Former Negro League ballparks recently lost

  • Perry Stadium (1931-42) in Indianapolis. Called Victory Field 1943-67; then Bush Stadium. Last used for minor-league baseball in 1996. Grandstand gut-renovated into loft apartments in 2012; historic external facade preserved along with part of outfield wall.
  • Red Bird (now Cooper) Stadium in Columbus, Ohio.In use as minor-league ballpark till 2008. Most of grandstand demolished in 2014. Field scheduled to become auto racing track as part of new automotive technology center, but promised redevelopment is years overdue.